About Carolle Kreditor

After graduated from the top-notch French Law School in Paris (France), Carolle started practicing Law and began a Ph.D. in Law. She found Love in America and moved. She had had quite tough times in her life but, the hardest of all of them lead her to a crucial moment that changed her entire life.

She wrote her first book in French “Se fixer des objectifs c’est du Bidon” (under her Pen Name Frederique Carol)

That book inspired her first book in English “Gain Clarity in your personal and professional life”.

The English book goes deeper into details about a lot of topics. She feels that America is more ready than the old continent – Europe.

There is nothing that she cherishes more than HAPPINESS, LOVE, and FREEDOM. She wants to make an impact on people lives and bring to the world that precious knowledge which came to her as a conceal present, in the midst of the darkest moment of her life.

In her professional practice, Carolle focuses on the Couple – Relationship, Marriage, Divorce.

You are supposed to ENJOY being married.

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