Welcome. This isn’t a therapy. Why?

  • Therapy makes you believe that you or/and your partner are broken and need to get fixed. It is a distorted starting point. Whatever you “judgmentally” think is inaccurate, because the reality is we all have good and bad moments. What is important is that in the middle of a desperate and painful situation you are able to understand it, use it and benefit from it. This isn’t been delusional but rather use your frustration, humiliation, and pain as a propellant. Otherwise, your suffering is useless.
  • Therapy intends to find WHO IS RESPONSIBLE for your despair. In other words, someone has to be guilty. I call it the “behavioral cancer” Stop blaming others – whatever happened – and yourself included. It’s absolutely counterproductive.

Don’t reach that stage.

This is what you should understand:

  • What you are experiencing in your couple is only the result of the accumulation of vexing events you are focusing upon and you are making your partner responsible partially or completely–behavioral cancer- it is endless and definitely pointless.
  • YOU are responsible for your happiness, not your spouse. When I tell that to my clients, their following question is: “But Carol why are we together then?” My answer is “You are together to bring the best out of each other, feel great and invincible together. But in order for that to happen, you have to be and feel complete ALONE. When you can’t offer your best to your significant other – for whatever reason- find YOUR OWN WAY back to your center. That’s your job and I show you how. You don’t need antidepressants, drugs, alcohol or other nonsense substitutes. Until you do reach that state, refrain yourself from saying or doing anything.”

No one is perfect. Understand that one snaps when one is unhappy and unbalanced. There is no need to add to that pain already unbearable and each partner is solely responsible to find Clarity and Happiness.

I know people who got divorced over a decade ago and they are still fighting. This is because the divorce wasn’t done the right way. People who got divorced once have a greater chance to divorce again…and again… and again because they still don’t get it.

Stop being traditional. DARE. Find out what works best for the two of you and your children.

Communicate without resentment. Communicating is NOT trying to convince or making compromises. It should be an EFFORTLESS process for both partners and this is where my expertise kicks in as well, especially when one partner is not receptive. Beyond being extremely intuitive, I know the pain people feel when going through truly hurtful family moments. Most importantly, I know how to get to a REAL relief point in order to be FREE of resentment and anger.


  • SEX – SEX – SEX

Beyond the obvious physical pleasure, making love should be intimate, intense and shared delicious moments, never a commitment. Usually, when there is no more sex, it is the beginning of troubles. You can find an exhaustive explanation about sexless marriage and erectile dysfunction in my book “Gain Clarity in your Personal and Professional Life”.

I work with you BEFORE or AFTER a divorce:

  • If you are already separated or divorced and want to date again, you should get yourself ready to not perpetuate what happened in your previous relationship.
  • If your relationship is falling apart, ACT NOW.
  • If you are in the middle of a divorce procedure. Divorce attorneys make money off people misery and family’s pain. The Court system in America with its delays and flaws is set up in a way that encourages tensions. Your case stays on a judge’s docket for 5 minutes. Your suffering is ignored by the system. The final judgment of divorce is never a cease-fire, on the contrary, especially when children are caught up in the middle and/or money is involved. I bring Respect, Harmony, Compassion, and Happiness back into your lives.

In order for you to get the best results while working together, anything goes, absolutely no boundaries. This is essential for you to remember and also the reason why I come to your natural environment. I have experienced that, this way, people are genuine.

Life is too short to have regrets.