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By Frederique CAROL Consultant and Author, June 5th  2017

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In most people’s minds, constant arguing, breakup, separation, divorce, and split are dreadful moments. It is understandable because LOVE is the best feeling ever. When it is missing, you feel terrible.

Here are 2 powerful tools to get your Joy back. Success guaranteed!


Let’s face it: Something changed in your relationship. Maybe it’s you or your partner. Maybe it is due to some external circumstances. Stop trying to find a reason, an excuse, or someone to blame. The reason why couples break up is always the same: their personal paths diverged but that doesn’t mean they necessarily have to break up. Changes are part of life. Changes make you grow and involve. You should stop pointing finger at your partner because everything that is happening in your life does only because, at a deep level, you asked for it. You should be very careful about what you asked for. Make sure the end result is really what you want. The split, divorce or separation is only an answer to your request of getting your happiness back. It is one answer amongst others. It is never the only one.

Whether you are the one who initiates the separation or your partner did, there is no coincidence in life. You yearned for an answer and now you have it. Therefore, you can’t be miserable, it’s your answer, a gift you just received.

In my case, after my husband threw me out on the streets and tried to cut me out of my children’ lives, I decided, after a couple of months, to rename that experience: my REBIRTH. I was a homeless-Childless-mother for long months – winter included- but I knew that was the way back to my happiness. It was awful to be homeless and not being with my children made me want to die. Happiness is priceless, I knew what to do to get it back, so, I decided to enjoy the ride – even if NOTHING had changed around me at that moment. Obviously, I turned things around but I achieved it because in the middle of my “living hell”, I had found PEACE and Clarity. How to accomplish it while having to face your partner or ex-partner? By using tool 2


Do not sign up for the hate game.

The only way for you to be happy again is to ignore provocation and focus on yourself. Do not play along the hate game that many divorce lawyers encourage, because that’s simply how they make their money, and you can’t blame them. Be smarter than divorce lawyers. Life is too short to hate. You have so much to do, so much more to experience, so much love to give and receive back. When you have down moments, remember that you will be alright. Never stay down for long. Never. It is a personal decision to feel better, it’s all up to you. You do not need any substances to feel good. Depression pills, headaches pills, drugs, alcohol are useless. You truly have all the resources inside of you and the circumstances you are living are irrelevant, they really are!


With all my love,

Frederique CAROL, Consultant and Author