Gain Clarity: in your Personal and Professional life

Being Clear – Lighthearted – Loving – Appreciative – Excited – Happy – Joyful – Confident – Fearless – Decisive – Thrilled – FREE… That’s your natural state of beingness regardless of your current struggles. Live a productive life. Take efficient actions


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About The Author

Frederique CAROL

Clarity brings you Focus, brightness, happiness, high mental and physical energy. You become productive in your personal and professional life. You can obtain the core of all your desires. You just have to remember how to do it, understand the true meaning of crisis and your true self. You are much more than what you think.

Stop being: Scattered ; Afraid ; Desperate ; Angry ; Unhappy ; Resentful …

Use your pain to your advantage as a propellant, not as an excuse for your misery which is unfortunately how most people react. Live lightheartedly and take actions with practical results in every aspects of your life.

This book is easy to read, straight to the point with real life cases and the author’s own struggling experiences. She doesn’t bother with political correctness and provide you with practical tools.



“Bold. Just what I needed” Tracy, mother of 3 and Entrepreneur

“Accessing my Sensual Energy opens and boosts my creativity” Gianni, Designer

“I don’t live in Fear anymore” Paul, Manager